Thursday, February 26, 2009

Morning Light

Early morning light moves about the room as
it dives through the crystal hanging in the window
leaving little rainbows everywhere.
I can almost feel a kiss
as something passes through my soul on the way
to the kitchen.
A moment of tenderness, a soul exposed.
My feet stop the shuffle
in their early morning slippers.
No motion into tomorrow
or yesterday. Just the stillness of now.

I close my eyes and listen to
the glory of the moment.
Soaking into me like the daylight
when it infuses a pond of clear and still water.
The moment warms me with grace and gratitude.
Joy spinning in me like energetic koi
flashing gold and silver.
My eyes open. My slippers slap the floor again
as they take me to a cup filled with hot tea
waiting to go to the garden.

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