Monday, May 18, 2009

Photo by Robert Ziesler
Sweet Dream
by L J Hamlin

Once I thought my life was lost
beneath the past’s debris.
And suffered all the perceived cost
becoming more bereaved.
A dreamer resting on a bed.
dressed by my own taste.
By my ideas the dreams were fed
and worries went to waste.
Like a cloak I wore a past
and doomed my future too
Until that cloak was put at last
where nothing more is due.

But blessings wait, or never leave
and waking up one day
Now’s a truth I could believe
and attend to what I say.
Change is now, and life is now
being now and too,
The reinvention of the songs
we sing to be ‘til through.

Old stories do not serve us well
I left mine by a road.
Tell the good and not the fell
seems to be the code.
The peace is always in our midst
the love abides there too
Altogether all is kissed
me and you and you.

The stories are much better now.
The dreamer sleeps with smiles,
Dreaming a story of the Tao
That dances down the isles.

My baby steps were good enough
And pirouettes as well,
Dancing, twirling, all fun stuff,
More movement and I'm still.

I wake in grace’s sweet embrace
Aware there is no “win” or “race”
Or special something you must solve
To simply be and thus evolve.