Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcoming in the solstice

Today I gathered with others and we welcomed the turning of the season. We gathered together and shared time and space and thankful mentioning. It was a creative act to leave the day behind and go to the space of no time and now time. So as we finish the celebrations of 2008 may we all shed the skins of stories that are done so we can free ourselves to be who we really are and not our old business.

The spiced cider we sipped was delicious. The visions and knowledge we were gifted with - priceless. It was good to witness the end of a cycle and usher in the baby potentials that are waiting for the room to grow.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Enjoy the Season

May your spirit be bright.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Running free - this mustang reminds me of the freedom of the choices we make in our life. When I painted this I named it "She Loves to Run" and thought of the joy it brings when we do what we are naturally positioned to do. Painting is such a healing, timeless doing. When I step back, I too feel as if I have been on a good run and covered a lot of territory. It is a great feeling.

The choices we make are everything. How we think, what we think, what we think that is true that is not true, which thoughts are based on imagination or biased memories, which emotions are born from thoughts that aren't true and what is really true - are all up for examination. Sometimes as in painting, I find myself on a course that I believed was true, only to find out the thoughts that formed the course were not the best. It is then that the wonderful freedom to choose the better thought, the better action presents - like fireworks.

It is then that the old thinking can be recognized and ignored when it tries to stop me from my run. The run for freedom and independence day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do or Not Do

Today it is hot in the desert. Before the sun sets it will be over 105°. Why is it so easy to avoid art on hot days? I find my self craving the healing the creating brings yet avoiding the very thing that heals me. So, after I post this I am going to go run my fingers through some beautiful beads which wait for jewelry to contain them, pick up my notebook and draw some designs and see if the concerns with the heat dissipate.

It is always better to try to do than to defeat oneself before the effort has been made.