Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Dancing Bear

by Linda Jo Hamlin

A dancing bear for all to cheer
My brown body sways in the dusty arena.
The golden ring in my nose looks precious
Shining in the half light. Glinting in the shadow self.

I move both feet and try for grace
Under pressure, besieged by the laughter
Unable to hear the music beyond the din.
Eternal rhythms call the drums to beat like hearts.

When did I wake in this heavy fur
Carrying the weight of eons
Designed to keep me quiet
Intended to still my spirit?

So, I move my feet and in my mind
I cast off forgotten ages
To examine them in the full light
Of intent and present.

To you I may look like a dancing bear
Furred, costumed and wearing a tiny hat
But inside the fur, I am lithe and lovely
A child of the universe
Dancing my self through the day.