Thursday, March 19, 2009

Before Germination
by Linda

Deep within memory and time
I discovered a seed covered in rime.
Keeping it cool. Keeping it hidden
So it could spring forth when reactions have bidden.
When it was planted I haven’t a clue
And the way it reacts, I truly rue.
The seed covered with ice, kept revelation cool
It was not very nice but seemed like a jewel.
It mimicked the light, it shone and reflected
When keyed by event - the seed resurrected
Old business, old thoughts, old emotions and traps
Reactions would roar and my energy snaps
My life’s grace leaves at that moment
If I don’t recognize the seed-tyrant’s foment
To try to correct a memory’s shade.
So loud the grieved voice; ego's trump made.

So disconcerting, not to be there
Not in the moment - so unaware.
Real time gone, now dealing reactions
Only reflections of old emotion’s blithe actions.
I am trying hard to discover the seeds
To deal and heal and thus stop their deeds.

I hunt them and heal them with determination
Using compassion like I am my own lover.
Before my seeds germination
Into reactive ground cover.
A gardener of the spirit,
I am my soul’s keeper.
The present, I hear it
and carry it deeper.
Replacing the seeds
Of experience’s discontent
With the solace and peace
Of the now’s great present.